Our Projects

Join our ongoing or future projects:

1. 'Theft of Imagination' - Can two boys negotiate a peace that has long eluded their warring nations?

2. 'Loving Ophelia' - Revenge is clearly not the right course. Can Ophelia's love save Hamlet instead? A 'what if' version of the Bard's play.

2. 'The Art of Peace': Sun Tzu has The Art of War. We have The Art of Peace. A Kung Fu play that demonstrates the way NOT to fight.

3. 'Macbeth-a-thon': A series of one-act plays from different playwrights exploring the themes from 'Macbeth'.

4. 'What is War?’ A Definition Play, with submissions from the public (adults and children).

5. ‘The Debate: Two teams debate whether the human nature leans towards peace or war, and whether the majority of the human history is consist of peace or war.

6. 'The Zone' Series - Several one-act plays in one show, from playwrights from the major conflict zones or countries, or stories from these zones.

A talk-back session with the audience will follow all of our performances.

If you wish to act, direct, stage-manage, design lighting, sound, set, costumes, or assist in any other capacity, for any of our projects, simply email: arethefishhappy@yahoo.com


dannelle1117 said...

Where is the casting call for A Question of Service?

Are the Fish Happy? Theatre said...

It will be in Lansing, MI. Please email: arethefishhappy@yahoo.com for detail.