Open and Free - How Often Can We Say That?

This is where we definitely can.

Are the Fish Happy? Theatre, in association with 'The Personal Theatre Project', presents 'Peace on War - A Grassroots Theatrical Forum':

We don't do War on War, as in War on Drugs, War on Terror.
We do Peace on War.

We want to learn about peace and war, humanity and conflict, through theatre.

Anyone who wishes to learn or share something about peace and war is welcome to participate.

Anything that can be performed is great theatre. It can be a monologue, play, musical, poem, song, dance, film, visual art, multimedia, or any other form you wish to present. Think 'You Stage', as in 'You Tube'.

You can participate in six ways:

1. As a theatre group, producer, or performer. If you already have a play or show - big or small - you can apply to be a part the forum.

2. As a playwright or director. Propose your idea or project, and we - all the participants - will try to make it happen. If you need your show put together or performed by others, as soon as there are enough people signing on, the show is on. Please make your project portable - we have a space and people who care. Your show has great things to say and just needs enthusiastic actors. Ideally, a small group of people can perform it anywhere.

3. As an actor or a technical volunteer. Join us and make theatre! Contact us for casting calls or crew wanted.

4. As a venue, equipment or other physical resources provider. We will perform anywhere - your home, pubs and clubs, bookstores, rooftops, outdoor spaces, as well as conventional theatres. We want to reach people. If you can help us access performance spaces, do let us know. Other resources such as props, costumes, sets and equipment are also deeply appreciated.

5. As a member of the audience. Come to see our shows!

6. As a supporter - financially - by making a tax-deductible donation; in spirit - by spreading the word!

We are anyone who loves theatre, and believes that we can do it just by doing it. That is also what we believe about peace and war - everyone should have some say, and should say it out loud.

We are all volunteering artists, so there is no pay involved. Our shows are free, with suggested donations of $5 or $10. The proceeds go towards our projects.

Peace on War is an ongoing forum. Our next performance will be Theft of Imagination, about two boys entrusted with negotiation a peace treaty for their two warring nations. Free. Reservation required at: http://www.theatermania.com/content/show.cfm/show/137147

Peace on War. Let's Act.