We will love your ideas, because you choose to share them.

If you need some input, here is what we are looking for:

- A play or any form of performance.
- Different. Daring. In terms of trying new things.
- Doesn't cost money. It just takes passion, imagination and ingenuity.
- Not preachy. It moves rather than tells.
- And don't forget - it should say something about peace and/or war!

If you propose or submit a project, we will try everything we can to make it happen.

To submit, please outline your project in your email, tell us about yourself, and if you wish, attach your proposal/script.

Then see your own show, live!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a high school student whose senior project involved writing a short play, a couple monologues, and an attempt to create some guerilla theatre concerning PTSD and the military industrial complex. Would you be willing to put up a one act scipt on this blog that would allow interested people to take it as they wished?